​​​Wil Kolen is a certified sound therapist (Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute, San Francisco), Reiki master, Shamanic Practitioner (FSS), Musician, Designer and Lecturer.

Wil originates from Holland and has lived and worked in Singapore since 1995, where he first worked as senior designer in corporate environment (Philips) and later as founding partner of design​ firm Chemistry. Besides his creative work, Wil has built a lifelong experience as a musician playing in ​various bands, collaborations, recordings for commercials, corporate videos, theatre productions and music CD’s.

Combining his experience as creative, musician and lecturer/coach, Wil has developed a light-hearted but grounding format to connect with energy, rhythm and sound through various sound based modalities like Reiki, sound meditation and drumming circle. 

The concept of ‘nurturing your inner rhythm’ is based on Wil’s personal development, where the connection to sound and rhythm aims to support people’s personal growth and
wellbeing through the removal of personal obstacles and challenges, while enabling people to unlock their innate potential and find an enhanced balance in ones lifepath of working and living. 

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