Wil is a certified sound therapist (Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute, San Francisco), Reiki master, Musician, Designer and Educator.

Wil is specialised in Sound healing and Reiki energy healing, to gently guide people in working with personal challenges and releasing blockages that are the root cause of symptoms like stress, anxiety, tenseness, sleeplessness, headaches, body aches and discomfort, being unfocused or feeling depressed.

Combining his various practices, Wil becomes a bridge between the rational and intuitive mind to help people strengthen physically, emotionally and mentally and so to connect to their inner rhythm. ​

While growing up in Holland, Wil showed an innate connection to rhythm, music and
 creativity from a young age. After graduating from art school, his path as a designer developed in a career working for Philips Design and as partner and creative director at design​ firm Chemistry in Singapore.

Since his teens Wil has been active as a musician in various bands, collaborations, for commercials, corporate videos, theatre productions and on CD  recordings. 

After realizing its healing potential, his life-long natural sensitivity to music and creativity, combined with Wil's intuitive side, naturally led to working with sound, vibration and energy as tools to support people's wellbeing.

While living and working in Singapore for over 20 years, Wil is also part time lecturer at Nanyang Academy for Fine Arts and was teaching at Nanyang Technological University. He also gave guest lectures and talks on sound & wellness, design thinking and general creative development. 

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