Nurturing your inner rhythm starts with accepting who you are and recognising  your

inner strength.

Creative activity takes you on a journey through self-exploration using visual expression. This becomes an intuitive reflection on your life experience while expanding your personal aspirations and strengthening your innate talent and connection with your profession, hobby, or personal relationships. Whether you are a kid, teen, working adult or retiree, creative expression is your personal expression and a reflection on how you lead your life.

By paying attention to your inner strengths, your inner rhythm, you will automatically start empowering yourself and tapping into your personal oasis of​ innate capabilities to build new from within.

​As a designer and lecturer in design and creativity, I have developed talks and workshops that support the natural creative ability in all of us. These talks and workshops can be tailored to specific requirements for kids, students, working professionals and for the corporate environment.

The tailor made workshops will guide individuals or groups in challenging their personal limiting beliefs. A creative process is a personal process. As soon as you tap into your personal and innate capabilities, you will discover that there are natural resources for you to express yourself.

Opening up to creative thinking will enhance your results in your work and personal life.

By building on your innate talent you will start building confidence, be able to 
expand your

personal aspiration and naturally enhance your personal connection ​with your profession,

hobby, and relationships.

We are all born as creative beings. Everything in life needs nurturing creative attention to be able to grow. So do you. 

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