Reiki is a 120 year old Japanese energy strengthening method, developed by Dr. Usui. 

The use of energy flow is a non-invasive, calming and gentle way of working with the body 
for relief of ailments and discomfort, physical pain and stress related issues like problems with relaxation, sleep, focus or concentration. In general it is a wonderful soothing relaxation method to restore and rejuvenate.

When our energy levels are low or diffused we become sensitive to illness, mental distress and emotional distraction. Most of the time this is caused by simply not taking enough time for ourselves to reflect and calm our mind.

A Reiki session is a calming meditative experience that stimulates and rebalances our challenges on a physical, mental and emotional level and helps remove blockages that are at the basis of physical discomfort.

Using a light touch over your main energy areas, tension will flow out and relaxation and calm will flow in.

Intention is used to create a pathway and connect to our emotional and mental state enabling an enhanced balance for performance and personal wellbeing. 

Reiki is an initiation into a state of change. It is up to the individual how long the effects will become solidified on energetic level. An increased awarenes of one’s intention for change, acceptance of personal state and shifts and allowing self-time all play a part in the effectiveness of a Reiki session.

The outcome will be a rejuvenated, calmingly rebalanced feeling of a re-set that can linger for a few days, triggering a changed approach to living, working, habits and general wellbeing.

In a personal setting, coaching will be part of the guidance before and after the session.

Reiki can be sent over distance to support in shifting personal challenges.

Reiki classes are available for level 1, 2 and occasionally master level. 

Learning Reiki is a great way to start helping yourself and others to ease physical and/or mental discomfort.  

A dedicated Reiki text book for guidance and practice will be provided at the start of the class to help you during the learning process and in future practice.

  • Chill-19:50

Let all there is be,  just flow like the river

and rejuvenate  through the nurturing

energies  surrounding us, 

strengthening you from within, 

connecting to your inner rhythm.