​Music enhances your life experience, whether by simply listening to it or by being involved in rhythmic exercise or expression. Become aware how you can use music and rhythm (or silence) for setting different moods, as a mode for energising or relaxation to support you through daily activities and routines.

Rhythm helps to release stress and to reconnect to your soul being. Rhythmic exercises are great for kids and adults to retreat from daily chores to relax, enhance focus and concentration, release stress and to energise.

Research has presented convincing evidence that active involvement in music and rhythm and the exposure to natural sound enhances focus and concentration levels in children, while ​supporting healthy brain development and learning capabilities. ​


Music influences our mood; we make choices to listen to music that either  reflects our mood (like feeling happy or sad) or changes our mood from a sad state into a more positive state, from a stressful state into a more relaxed state or makes us feel energised. We can make a choice to address our state of mind by tuning in to music supporting your intention for change.Type your paragraph here.