When we become aware of the nurturing effect that silence, sound and resonance can have on our body system, we will naturally start connecting to the  harmonizing vibrations of the universe as a form of self-healing. 

Paying attention to a positive and ​nurturing internal vibration lies at the basis of feeling well, being well and functioning well.​​​

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  • our human body and everything around us vibrates at its own frequency, at molecular level; all is energy, all is vibration.
  • our hearing mechanism and hearing experience develops after 4 months at the fetal stage, roughly 5 months before we are born and able to see.
  • our ears and eardrums are connected to a nerve system that extends through our body system​ to all the major organs.
  • ​we receive sound and vibration  through our ears AND through our skin, body tissue and bones.
  • sound influences our brain development and learning abilities. 
  • ​sound and music have a direct influence on our emotional state.
  • 'thought' is our internal sound and vibration moving through our body system affecting us emotionally, mentally and  physically.
  • as humans we are part of nature; nature is based on sacred geometry that holds a mathematical balance and harmony, so does your body and so do sound and music.
  • ​sound and energy work initiates the release of blockages and addresses symptoms like stress, anxiety, tenseness, sleeplessness, migraine and headaches, body aches, physical discomfort and (chronic) pain, being unfocused or feeling depressed. 

Sound, vibration and resonance have been used for thousands of years to help people release physical or mental blockages, harmonizing their personal energy system from within. For example, TCM includes sound as one of the healing methods through the use of various instruments that connect to the 5 elements fire, air, earth, wood and water. Sound and vibration are considered ‘the source’ of all that exists in our universe, referred to as such in several ancient scriptures and across different cultures. Everything is energy. All life, including our body, our mind and our thoughts, is made up of vibrating  molecules. 

On a mental and emotional level, vibration and resonance connect intuitively to ‘all there is’ in life. On a physical level, 'dis-ease' or feeling ‘unwell’ means there is an internal imbalance or disharmony that needs to be adjusted to return into its original, healthy state. 

"The power of sound is often subtle and therefore easily ignored. But it is through this subtlety that sound surreptitiously influences our energy, our health, and our entire ability to stay in balance. As with so many kinds of sensory input - food, aroma, sound, image - we have a choice as to how and what we ingest." (Joshua Leeds, The Power of Sound.)

Using energy and natural vibration as a tool will manifest internal movement whereby
the energy of
nurturing sounds moves through the nerve system, triggering shifts, clearing blockages and leading to an internal process that helps in restoring physical, mental and emotional balance. 

Scientific research, for instance quantum physics, has delivered evidence that the setting of
a clear intention to what needs to be addressed becomes the guiding vibration. ​

​​Combined with sound or other energetic vibration, this intention will lead a nurturing resonance through the entire nerve system to create shifts for better health.