" To enter into the initiation of sound, of vibration and mindfulness, is to take a giant step toward consciously knowing the soul. There are hundreds of accurate models for this great journey inward. Each requires belief and discipline as well as the will to allow the inner and outer worlds to relate. Listening, learning, study, and practice are important tools. But we need the courage to enter into ourselves with the great respect and mystery that combines the faith of a child, the abandon of a mystic, and the true wisdom of an old shaman." 

Don G. Campbell, The Roar of Silence 


A private Sound Journey is based on the needs of the individual and addresses the core challenge that needs to be dealt with, at physical, mental or emotional level and to find blockages at the root of symptoms like stress, anxiety, ​feeling tense, sleeplessness, 

headaches, body aches and discomfort, being unfocused, self esteem issues, depression orfeeling ​​depressed, ADHD and other life challenges.


A private session is a lying down experience whereby the body can fully relax.

Depending on what is required, a combination of sound, reiki and/or shamanic work will be included to address critical areas for strengthening. Based on the outcome of our conversation, we will decide on a suitable intention; this will support alignment in the direction for processing, addressing blockages and allowing shifts to take place (evidence based on quantum physics).

A first session will take about 2 hours, including a short conversation to assess the core challenge to be addressed in context of your personal life experience.

Each session is an initiation to addressing challenges on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Shifts can be felt for a few days after the session.

Please keep your agenda free after the session for some ’self-time’ to allow a continuation of what you have received. In many cases a level of coaching will be involved. I will check in with you via email after 2 days, or you can contact me via WhatsApp or email should there be any immediate questions.

To facilitate continuation of change on a more holistic level, deepening awareness and acceptance, we can look into follow-up session(s). This can include a personal system for self-support and self-empowerment to continue a healing process in your personal environment. 

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