Our personal internal sound and vibration, our thoughts and emotions, steer our reasons for expression, being, living and working. Often times it is our internal 'sound system' that creates distractions, frustrations or anger developing into physical discomfort when not attended to.

When we become internally ‘dehydrated’ from vital positive stimulating energy, our system requires a review and balancing of our internal sound and vibration. Nurturing your inner rhythm the natural way.

Although we are mostly aware that our body receives sound vibrations via our ears, we also receive sound through our skin and body tissue. Sound travels as energy through the nerve system that is connected to our vital organs, activating tissue at a molecular level and stimulating our mental state. 


A Sound Journey stimulates and rebalances our challenges on a physical, mental and emotional level, releasing blockages and addressing symptoms like stress, anxiety, tenseness, sleeplessness, migraine and headaches, body aches, physical discomfort and (chronic) pain, being unfocused or feeling depressed.

There are 2 basic session types for rebalancing, that can be influential in our daily activities:
1. Activation 
2. Relaxation

Both session types will be addressing our mental, emotional and physical state and while both session types will result in a calming meditative experience, each approach has a different outcome.

In both cases, intention is used to create a pathway for sound to connect to our emotional and mental state enabling an enhanced balance for performance and personal wellbeing. 

Depending on the set intention for a particular challenge to be addressed, a Sound Journey can be activating, relaxing or a bit of both. 

When sound is used as tool for activation, it will stimulate our brain and physical system on a molecular level for becoming more allert and raising our awareness in breath and focus, while strengthening our mental and emotional state for work and activity. This experience could be a morning event.

When sound is used as a tool for relaxation, it will stimulate our brain and physical system on a molecular level for calming down, slowing down our heart rate and breath to become aware of our total being on mental, emotional and physical level. This could be an after-work of before bed event.

A Sound Journey is usually experienced as a calming and relaxing lying down meditation. Some people even fall asleep. Depending on one’s personal state, the connection with sound will address long-held resistance to change or blockages that are now being removed. The release of blockages can be felt through physical responses, receiving visuals, colours and sound distortions.

A Sound Journey is an initiation into a state of change. It is up to the individual how long the vibrations will keep rolling after each session. An increased awarenes of one’s intention for change, acceptance of personal state and shifts and allowing self-time all play a part in the effectiveness of a Sound Journey.

The outcome will be a rejuvenated, calmingly rebalanced feeling of a re-set that can linger for a few days, triggering a changed approach to living, working, habits and general wellbeing.

In a personal setting, coaching and/or counselling will be part of the guidance before and after the session.

photography: Canvass, Jolie Ow

photography: Canvass, Jolie Ow


" To enter into the initiation of sound, of vibration and mindfulness, is to take a giant step toward consciously knowing the soul. There are hundreds of accurate models for this great journey inward. Each requires belief and discipline as well as the will to allow the inner and outer worlds to relate. Listening, learning, study, and practice are important tools. But we need the courage to enter into ourselves with the great respect and mystery that combines the faith of a child, the abandon of a mystic, and the true wisdom of an old shaman." 

Don G. Campbell, The Roar of Silence 

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